Jeffry Hamilton Steele
Weddings, Memorials & Services Appreciations

  • In addition to his concertizing, Jeffry Steele has performed at weddings, memorials, and liturgies for more than twenty-five years.
  • He will work with clients to personalize the music to fit the particular occasion -- including coming up with guitar arrangements of a favorite song or piece. He can draw from Christian, Judaic or other traditions.
  • He regularly accompanies entire worship services, replacing the role of organist and is also a skilled leader of sing-alongs (particularly for children -- having worked with many of them in classrooms and assemblies). He has been Music Minister for the annual Retreat of priests from the Boston Archdiocese, the New England Synod Conference of Lutheran pastors, along with weekly worship services of U.C.C., U.U. and Catholic churches.
  • In addition to solo guitar music, he can assemble a program from among other talented colleagues (guitar with FLUTE, PIANO, ORGAN or VOICE, for example).
  • Jeffry is also willing to provide background music for appropriate settings -- receptions, openings or dinners -- where he can either play amplified or as a "roving minstrel".
  • Suggested musical selections:

    BACH Prelude in C DE FALLA Song of the Fisherman PURCELL Rondo
    VILLA-LOBOS Prelude in Em DEBUSSY Girl with the Flaxen Hair COUPERIN Mysterious Barricades
    RODRIGUEZ Unicornio DUARTE The Cuckoo (English Suite) BACH Bourree

    letter"Listening to Jeffry Steele play in the sanctuary, it was as if the ages of the room, the shadows and the colors, the spirits of past and present seekers, were called forth, became present, interchanging their richness with that of the music, deepening the mystery and the sanctity of the night."

    -- Rev. Wendy Fitting, Gloucester U.U. Church

    or call me at 253-683-4783