Please inform me should you perform any of this music with your choir. Recordings appreciated.
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Jeffry Hamilton Steele
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Service music for Christian worship

Composed by Jeffry Hamilton Steele

The Lord's Prayer (2014)
Score w/guitar, .pdf download (2 pp) * Congregation part, .pdf download (1 p)

When Did We See You? (2009)
Anthem for SATB choir; text Matthew 25: 34-45
.pdf download (9 pp)
Vespers service at Calumet (7/23), featuring above anthem, celebrated by Pastor Dave Rinas [mp3, 17 MB]

Children of the Light (2008)
Anthem for SATB choir; text John 12: 35-36
.pdf download (4 pp)

Missa Nova (2004)
for Cantor, SATB choir and congregation with classical guitar accompaniment
(organ/keyboard optional)
.pdf download (20 pp)

  • Kyrie
  • Gloria
  • Alleluia
  • Sanctus
  • Memorial Acclamation
  • Agnus Dei
  • Congregation's part (as printed in Missal/Order of Service)

This Mass -- which takes its name from the Bossa Nova style to which it pays tribute -- is ideally performed with a classical guitarist (amplified), choir and cantor (or singing celebrant). If a steel-string guitarist (who cannot read notation) is accompanying, he/she may follow the chord symbols (though perhaps it will take a jazz guitarist to know how to finger some of them). Ideally, though, the guitar part should be rendered as notated. Keyboard players may read the guitar part, filling it out to taste. [Bear in mind that guitar music is notated an octave higher than it sounds]. Organists, however, are best utilized doubling the vocal lines, particularly in the Alleluia. The texts alternate between Latin and English, with the cantor/celebrant/choir usually assigned the Latin words and the congregation echoing in English. One exception is the Agnus Dei, where the congregation sings Latin for the three verse repetitions while the choir weaves a counterpoint in English. The composer would be willing to intabulate the guitar part, if requested, as well as arrange complementary parts for melody instruments. He may also be available to perform the guitar part.

Consider this music "shareware" -- that is, if you end up using it, send me whatever you might have paid a publisher for something similar. Higher resolution hard copies may be ordered. Your feedback is appreciated.