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CD cover  J. S. plays Bach (2001) Liner Notes (pdf)

Third Cello Suite
1) Prelude
2) Allemande
3) Courante
4) Sarabande
5) Bourree I & II
6) Gigue

Second Violin Partita
7) Allemande
8) Courante
9) Sarabande
10) Gigue
11) Chaconne

CD cover  Flame without End
 Pieces & Songs composed for Modern Dance Dramas (1998-2001)
Liner Notes(pdf) 
from Gift of Vision
1] Vessels
2] Soliloquy

from Clear Away: A Fisherman's Farewell

3] Lovell
4] Envy of the Seas
5] Gloucester Wife
6] Tremolo del Viento
7] Fisherfolks' Reel
8] Baile Enojado/Vows

9] Pas de Duex
10] Flame without End
11] Trio
12] Sailing Home

Released in 1998

13] Samba de Dos Niños
14] Jacob's Dream~
15] Sunset Reverie

CD cover  From Dowland to Silvio (2000)  Liner Notes(pdf)

JOHN DOWLAND (1563-1626)

1] A Galliard (on a galliard by Daniel Bacheler)
2] Piper's Pavane
3] Captain Digorie Piper's Galliard
4] A Fantasie
5] Melancholy Galliard
6] Aloe
7] Weep You No More, Sad Fountains
8] Mrs. Clifton's Almain
9] The Right Honorable The Lady Clifton's Spirit
10] Forlorn Hope Fancy
11] Lady Hunsdon's Puffe
12] Farewell (an "In Nomine")
13] Mrs. Vaux's Galliard
14] Mrs. Vaux's Jig

J.S. BACH (1685-1750) From the Cello Suites
15] Prelude (First Cello Suite)
16] Sarabande (Sixth Cello Suite)

FREDERIC CHOPIN (1810-1849) Preludes (Op. 28)
17] No. 4 in Em

18] No. 15 in Db ("Raindrop")

IGOR STRAVINSKY (1882-1971) Les Cinq Doigts
19] Andantino
20] Vivo
21] Lento
22] Allegretto
23] Moderato
24] Pesante (Tempo di Tango)

25] Larghetto

26] Allegro (Tempo di Marcia)

GUARDABARRANCO (Salvador Cardenal Barquero)
27] Para Amarnos con el Mundo

28] Unicornio

29] Rabo de Nube

CD cover  Guitara Illuminata
 The Music of Josquin des Pres (1997/2004)
Liner Notes(pdf)
1] Plainchant (1:11)

2] Kyrie (2:26)

3] Gloria (3:33)

4] Credo (6:15)

5] Sanctus (6:17)

6] Agnus Dei (7:40)

7] Dominus Regnavit (4:13)

8] Magnus es tu, Domine (5:33)

9] Vive le Roy! (1:52)

10] Cueurs Desolez (2:13)

11] Mille Regretz (1:51)

12] Canción del Emperador [Narváez] (2:19)

13] Kyrie (2:04)

14] Gloria (3:17)

15] Credo (5:56)

16] Sanctus (4:05)
17] Agnus Dei (6:35)

CD cover  Dream Colors
 Relaxation Music for Synthesizers and Guitar (1993)
Liner Notes (pdf)
1. Gold & Rose (7:22)
2. Solar Furnace~ (7:10)
3. Reflections/Dance~ (7:00)
4. Fairy Forest~ (21:13)
5. Soul Yearning~ (15:04)
6. Forgiveness~ (5:39)

CD cover  We were all poets. . .
 Music for Classical and Electric Guitars with Synthesizers (1991)~

 Liner Notes (pdf)

1] Dawn in the Andes (7:14)
2] We were all poets... (4:41)

3] La Alegria (1:36)

4] Serenade for the Unafraid (7:17)

5] The New World (2:19)
6] Halibut Point (5:23)
7] Plum Island (2:52)

8] Outlines in the Mist (4:01)

9] Memories (3:42)

10] The First Light (2:41)*

11] Prayer for Justice (4:10)
A variety of un-marketed recordings available free of charge. For commentary, see my Musical Scrapbook.
10 Sketches in Real Time (2009)
(guitar improvisations through Michael Norris plug-ins)
1] Fearful
2] Pursued
3] Decisive
4] Death of a Coral Reef
5] Wandering
6] Escaping
7] Confession
8] Swallows Dance
9] Where did you go?
10] Our Final Destination
Improv recorded in my Calumet trailer (2008)
From Silent Men Speaking (2005)
She Burns~
What Saves Us
From Flesh and Stone (2003)~
Stone Spirits (Luisa Vasquez Cleaves, voice)
Labor Unrest
Epilogue (Wes Luke, violin)
From Gift of Vision Suite (2002)
The Great Conflagration
Anne Carolyn Bird, Anna Fraser, Carrie Cheron, Jason McAdams & Anthony Zoeller, voices, Ebonee Thomas, flute, Michael Norsworthy, clarinet, Patricia Schmitt, horn, Shieh-Jian Tsai, violin, Mickey Katz, cello, Aaron Baird, double-bass, myself on guitar and Dan Bassin conducting

Recital excerpts appropriate to wedding services (c. 2000)
BACH Prelude in C
VILLA-LOBOS Prelude in Em

DE FALLA Song of the Fisherman

DEBUSSY Girl with the Flaxen Hair

DUARTE The Cuckoo (English Suite)


COUPERIN Mysterious Barricades
From Clear Away: A Fisherman's Farewell (1999)
Not included on the Flame Without End album -- same personnel
Kind Be the Wind
The Drowning
On the Banks

With soprano, Kristina Martin (1999)
The Lowest Trees Have Tops
From 50 Ways to Play Guitar (1992)
Adagio (excerpt)~ (theme from Concierto de Aranjuez)
Romero (excerpt)
Gotta be a Better Way to Make a Living~
American Car
For WGBY-TV (Springfield, MA, 1991)
From Our Hometown
From W.E.B. du Bois of Great Barrington
Letter Home~

Synth Consort (1988)~
Agnus Dei (1310),
Jamais Je N'Aimenai,
Jay Bien Choisi,
La Bourree,
Pour Souhaitter,
Triple Ballade

from Bach Gamba Sonata in Gm (1987)~
last movement (Julia Bady, keyboard)
Songs for Nicaragua (1984-9)~
What are you gonna say? (Laura Burns, voice)
The Orphanage
(Julia Bady, keyboard)
Chamorrito (Julia Bady, keyboard)
Memorial Day 1966 (Sue Kranz, voice;
Julia Bady, keyboard)
From The Nation Thief (1985)~
Guy & Rachel

Voices of Latin America (1982-3)
El Campo

With soprano, Barbara Winchester (1979-89)
Coplas del Pastor Enamorado & Folias Canarias
Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies
Can Shee Excuse My Wrongs

Primary Colors (1982-86)
Allegro Molto & Presto (Mozart, K. 270)
Vivace Assai & Largo (Haydn, Op. 33, No. 5)
Minuet & Clair de Lune (Debussy, Suite Bergamasque)

With flutist Lea Pearson (Newburyport, 1977)
Minuet (Handel)
Hampshire College compositions (1974)
Duet (with Jeanne Windsor, violin)
Two Dreams