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Jeffry Hamilton Steele Life Path in the Last Millenium (variously illustrated)
Prepared for a "Meet Your Neighbor" lecture/demo given 12/12/2000 at the Ralph Waldo Emerson Inn, Rockport MA

[excluding services/weddings]
stepping stones


Born 8/26/54 in Gloucester
8 Woodbury St
Gloucester MA
Birth of brother
Mrs Moshano's Nursery School
Birth of sister
1240 Washington
Pigeon Cove Kindergarten
Brookside School
Learn trumpet
Teach self (on father's) guitar
Mother practices Bach, Brahms, etc on cello
Grandmother tries to teach me piano
36 Faculty Way
Bloomfield Hills MI
See Beatles on TV
trumpet in Band
guitar in Xmas pageant
"taps" on Mem. Day
"The UFOs" at Barnacle Bazaar & Lanesville School, Gloucester
try operating after-school slot race track
Buy electric guitar
deliver Gloucester Times

Play a few parties with group [Miles H, Dean S, Steve C]

Rock jam sessions
[John G, Jimmie O]

sing first madrigals


Cranbrook School


do yearbook photography

teach self harmonica

teach self recorder

Guitar w/Jack Pitt

Art History w/Mike Kapetan
Shakespeare w/Chuck Geroux
Modern Dance w/Jessie Sinclair

Buy "Sgt Pepper"
Listen to DJ Russ Gibb
10 Faculty Way
Bloomfield Hills MI
Singing with Lanesville kids
See Hendrix live (twice), Cream, Canned Heat
rock songs
March against Vietnam War
Attend Woodstock
(father's guitar stolen)
Daphne's Waltz
Folk Songs
Purchase R2R
deck & start recording
song arrangements
Dad teaches me to write
Buy classical guitar
"Adventure in Creativity"
Witch & the Wizard w/Reg Wells

Rock Mass

Folk Songs

Renaissance Songs

Become vegetarian
Organize poetry readings w/Reg
Discover music of Josquin, Beethoven, Bach, Brahms
Direct Gallimaufry of Gambols

& Cranbrook Broken Consort

Theater & modern dance productions
first solo recital
Produce f ilm "Cranbrook & the Arts"

Discover music of Mozart, Haydn, Puccini, Debussy, Ravel, et al.

arts-crafts at Cranbrook Day Camp

Perform original songs w/Reg at Antioch College (OH)

Handel's "Warbling Lute" [Smith Col.]

soundtrack for Paso a Paso

Hampshire [Smith, Mt Holyoke, Amherst] College

Guitar w/Steve Josephs
Guitar w/Phil de Fremery
Composition w/Lew Spratlan
Graduate Seminar on Berlioz
K-12 Music Teacher Certification

volunteer at Detroit Baptist Children's Home [Jan.]
Draw low number in draft lottery, but obtain CO classification
Hampshire College
Amherst MA
Act in "Midsummer Nights Dream"
Sing in HC Chorus
Improvise behind Stein play

Duet for Jeanne

Can vei la lauzeta [chorus]

sundrie Renaissance pieces

teach music at Brookside [Jan.]
Discover music of Berlioz, Mahler, Berg, Louis Armstrong
Shire Village Camp
Cummington MA
Solo recital
Act in Under Milkwood
3 Dreams
Under Milkwood music
[wind trio]
Reusner Suite


freighter to Honduras w/father
Michael Cone finishes commissioned guitar
Solo recital
Act in "The Master Builder"
Alpert's "Cathedral Music" [Smith]
Final recital [w/songs, readings & Quartet]
Puccini Senza mama
Folk songs
Wind Quartet
Father gives me JVC cassette recorder for graduation
Shire Village Camp
Newburyport YMCA [desk]
weekly gig at Rising Sun Restaurant, Nbpt
Movement for guitar & strings
Modern Dance w/Pam Fiala
arrested in Seabrook Occupation
Attend concerts, operas, museums in Britain, Brussels, Amsterdam
Travel in Britain
Newburyport MA
YMCA & private guitar lessons
Pam Fiala dancers
Guitar improv w/J. Craft dancers
Recitals w/flutist Lea Pearson
First Boston recital [Hirshberg Gallery]
Recital at Christ Church Cranbrook [MI]
Chopin & Haydn pieces
Modern Dance w/Janet Craft
Voice w/Mary Ann Valaitis
attend Nick's NEC classes


15 Otis Pl Newburyport
Golden Temple Emporium
Cambridge MA
Castle Hill Children's Week
Recitals w/pianist Nick Underhill
Solo recitals in Boston & Cambridge
Modern Dance w/Ina Hahn
Improvisation w/Lisa Parker
Nbpt friend designs my first brochure
21a Linden Ave Somerville MA
All-Newton Music School
Phillips Andover Academy
Castle Hill
Recitals in Gloucester & Boston area
Threepenny Opera
Begin 10-year collaboration w/soprano Barbara Winchester
first WBUR interview

Guitar w/Alice Artzt

Performance of 20th C. Music w/John Heiss

first psychotherapy
Visit friend in Palo Alto [& rule out grad schools for the time being]
119 Oxford St Cambridge MA
all above plus:
Belmont Music School
Walnut Hill School
Solo recitals in Newton
Recitals w/Barbara in Cambridge
Berger Trio w/Dinosaur Annex
Jon S. American Car
Dreams No. 2
Poet to Tiger
Guitar w/David Starobin
Buy Les Paul electric guitar
New guitar by Frank Hasselbacher
Start listening to popular music for first time in a decade
Meet Robin Williamson (I.S.B.)
AGES 0 - 26
AGES 37 - 46
stepping stones
All-Newton Music School
& Belmont [Powers] Music School
Chaconne for Crescendo Club
Formation of Primary Colors [fl, vla, gtr]
Berger Trio in Boston & again at Fromm Festival [Tanglewood]
Newton Cable TV
Ravel Mother Goose Suite [gtr duet] & Five Greek Songs [sop/gtr]
Chopin pieces
Crossings [PC]
Bach Am Violin Sonata, et al
Coached by Joel Smirnoff [hang out with him in Cambridge over next few years]
Attend Central America presentation at upstairs neighbors'
March on Washington
Praised in Boston Globe
119 Oxford St Cambridge MA
First Night Boston, Boston Classical Guitar Society, Glastonbury Historical Society, Kaji Aso, Gordon College and Cambridge River Festival w/ Primary Colors
MIT, Emmanuel, Cambridge Art Association, WBUR & All-Newton w/Barbara W.
Rodney Lister Yellow Cake Revue
Peter Maxwell Davies The Lighthouse [guitar, banjo and bass drum in 21 performances]
Concierto para el Monseñor
Debussy Arabesque & Suite Bergamasque; Ravel Sonatine, Beethoven Serenade, Op.8; Haydn Quartet, Op. 33, No. 5; Bach 3 Contrapuncti from Art of Fugue; Rachmaninoff Vocalise; Mozart Divertimento, K.270 [PC]
Rodrigo Adagio [w/winds]
*El Salvador: March 1980 [el.gtr/winds/slides/readers]

Make a Dance Friday tape

Participate in & attend Central America Solidarity events

Praised in Boston Globe & Boston Phoenix

Put out picture brochure: "Music for These Times"

Voices of Latin America* Cambridge, Newton
Newton U.U. church

First Night
WBZ-TV Nosotros
*Canciones del Pueblo [PC+sop]
*Pablo Neruda's Funeral [pno, tpt, e-gtr]
Rodrigo Adagio [w/cello]
begin "opera": La Tienda
political "pop songs"
begin Stravinsky Les Cinq Doigts
Free lesson w/Arthur Berger: new look at Stravinsky
first Artists' Brigade to Nicaragua
[ending 13 years both as vegetarian & CO]
Buy Roland MC-202 synth-sequencer & Tascam PortaStudio
Hear David Bowie in Foxboro
Laura B & I interviewed by Pat Badner, WBUR
Rochberg piece at Brandeis
Primary Colors King's Chapel, Peasant Stock Restaurant, Kaji Aso
Maxwell-Davies The Blind Fiddler
Vale Estate w/Barbara
Songs from Nicaragua Emmanuel Church, ICA, et al
Bolling Picnic Suite
political "pop songs"
Primary Colors coached by John Heiss and Julius Baker

Write article for Black Sheep Review & Brigadista [Praeger Books]

Artists' Brigade to Nicaragua

Buy SC drum machine & synth

Discover music of Silvio Rodriguez, Bossa Nova


All-Newton Music School

Belmont [Powers] Music School

Buckingham Browne & Nichols School [lessons]
Murals Dedication Fiesta at La Plaza Cultural, NYC
Act in The Nation Thief [Perrigo/Houston]

Sephardic songs w/Suzanne Ehly
Primary Colors at Duxbury Arts Complex
Accompany actress Susan Anspach, Committee for Concern on Central America, Strand Theater
Nation Thief performed at Clark U, Bradford College, Tufts U, in New Bedford and Arlington
David Cleary songs at Harvard

compose recorded music for The Nation Thief

political "pop songs" & narrated pieces

take Fundamentals of Re-Evaluation Counseling class
Artists' Brigade to Nicaragua

Buy Atari ST computer

Sell first cassette: Songs for Nicaragua

60 McBride St
Jamaica Plain MA
Milton, All-Newton and Peasant Stock w/Julia
Stravinsky Four Russian Songs Griffin Ensemble
Por la Paz [as duo] JP Firehouse & All-Newton
political "pop songs" & narrated pieces
500 of us arrested at JFK Building in Central America policy protest
Begin leading RC Men's Group
First marriage
Buy Oberheim Matrix-6 & Yamaha TX81Z
Record & sell Suite for Nicaragua cassette
David Cleary Rock and Roll Star Somerville
Sollberger original substance manifest traces Griffin Ensemble
Por la Paz Fitchburg Public Library, Bradford College, Salem State College, King's Chapel, Blacksmith House, Fogg Art Museum, MIT, Boston Food Coop, Peacock Coffeehouse (JP), St. Michael's (Marblehead), Newton Arts Center, Cambridge School of Weston, & Windhover (Rockport), Needham Unitarian Church
Interviews on WCRB and WUMB
Music at Eden's Edge Series w/Barbara
RC Leaders' Class

Organize "feeder" protest march for "Days of Decision" action

Help organize subsequent Arts for a New Nicaragua brigades

Men's Group

Julia and I travel to Christchurch, England for a visit with my dad on his boat

above plus

Guitar ensemble at ANMS

weddings w/flutist Kathy Boyd

Por la Paz Milton Academy, Simon's Rock College, Moses Brown School, Lutheran Church of the Newtons, Mt. Hermon School & Refugee Bill Benefit

Vivaldi Concerto for Two Mandolins w/John Muratore & other faculty
Salem Hospital "Goodbye"
Por la Paz [as trio] U.U. General Assembly (New Haven), Boston College, Coffeehouse off the Square (Hingham), Berkshire Community College, outdoors at Boston College and Berkshire Amistad, & Loomis-Chafee School
Play on albums by Justin Sallaway & Sue Kranz

Mozart and Renaissance dances for gtr ensemble

Folk/pop songs

Begin expansion of Canciones del Pueblo

voice w/ Craig Wich

RC Leaders' Class

Men's Group
buy Korg M1 synth
All-Newton Music School
Greenfield YMCA Camp Apex
Farewell recital (Newton & Belmont) Of Bach and Brazil
Blacksmith House w/Barbara
Recital at Greenfield Public Library
music for AGOND Guatemalan orphanage video
voice w/Sherli Sherwood
11 Central St
Turners Falls MA
Holyoke Public Schools
Camp Apex
Green River Cafe, Greenfield
Folk/pop songs
Jobim Wave & How Insensitive
letters to the editor & Gulf War protests
buy Tascam 234 4-track recorder
AGES 0 - 26
AGES 27 - 36
stepping stones

Lessons in Putney VT

Camp Apex

The Sunshine Singers

Green River Cafe w/John O'Connor
Montague Bookmill
Greenfield Public Library
Sheffield Elementary
MA Teacher's Association Conference, Williamstown

Funeral for the Archbishop & Liberation Waltz

Music for Our Hometown & W.E.B. du Bois of Great Barrington WGBY-TV

Assist Arnie Black on Michelin Tire and Jordon Marsh commercials

Rodrigo Adagio [w/synth]

Rework & write pieces for After the Rain
& Dream Colors

RC Leaders' Class

Teach RC

Big Brother volunteer

Inter-action of Franklin County

Host & organize talks for Nicaragua's Emilia Torres

buy DAT recorder & smpte interface

Record cassette album: After the Rain
we were all poets. . . cover
(later retitled We were all poets)

11 Central St
Turners Falls

Lessons at Linden Hill School

The Sunshine Singers

Music Critic for the Greenfield Recorder

Camp Apex

Public Schools: Sheffield & Great Falls Middle (Turners Falls), Greenfield Middle, North Parish & Federal St. (Greenfield), Buckland-Shelburne Elementary, Mohawk Regional, Frontier Regional, Erving Elementary
Colleges: North Adams State, Holyoke Community, Berkshire Community, UMass Dartmouth
Prep schools: Hoosac (NY), Northfield-Mt. Hermon, Salisbury (CT), Moses Brown (RI), Cardigan Mountain (NH), The Fenn School, The Taft School (CT), Dublin School (NH)
Porter-Phelps Huntington House
Montague Cable TV
MA Teacher's Association Conference

Dream Colors
Dream Colors cover

Folk/pop songs

Finally finish Canciones del Pueblo

RC Leaders' Class

Montague Town Meeting member

letters to the editor

Big Brother volunteer

Inter-action of Franklin County

Meet Bruce Cockburn & the Assad brothers

Readsboro (VT) Central School [K-8]

Camp Apex

Greenfield Recorder

Lew Spratlan Music for Peace concert, Amherst
Public Schools:Newton St. (Greenfield) & Russell (Hadley) Elementary , Magnet Middle (Holyoke) and Pioneer Valley Regional
Prep schools: Governor Dummer Academy, Woodhall School (CT), St. Paul's (NH), St. Andrew's (RI)
All-Bach recital in Deerfield & Greenfield
Northfield Cultural Council Series w/Tom Nielson [Gaviota]
Montague Bookmill w/Richard Ullman
Chapel Hill NC benefit w/youth string ensemble

Josquin Missa Pange Lingua [2 gtrs]

Puccini Senza mama [el-gtr w/synth]

Bach Third Cello Suite

Voice w/Judy Jones

RC Leaders' Class

Montague Town Meeting member

letters to the editor

Big Brother volunteer

Teach RC

First marriage ends
St Agnes School, Arlington [K-8]
Winchester after-school program
St John's, Gloucester
Arlington Cable TV [solo & w/Friday's Child 8th grade group]
Annisquam Village Church [for CANCA]
Josquin Missa Hercules [2 gtrs]
RC Leaders' Class
Lead RC Artists' Group
House robbed
Buy Mac laptop (replacing stolen Atari)
143 Horn Pond Brook Rd
Winchester MA
St Agnes School
Medford after-school program
North Shore Conservatory
Guitarra Iluminada Gloucester UU Church
Annisquam Village Church w/Wendy
Eliot Church, Newton
Gloucester Cable TV
Josquin Motets & Chansons [2 gtrs]
Children's Music Network Conference, NH
Lead RC

Meet Pete Seeger

Buy VS-880 hard disk recorder

3 Pigeon Hill St
Rockport MA
4 Spring St
Gloucester MA
St Agnes School
North Shore Conservatory
Gloucester UU Church & Endicott College
El Espiritu Latino Magnolia & Rockport
Heave To [as dancer]
Wakefield Congregational Church
St Agnes Church, Arlington
Unity Church, Somerville
finish Stravinsky Les Cinq Doigts
Rodriguez & Cardenal songs
Modern Dance w/Carl Thomsen
Sermon at Gloucester & Rockport UU Churches: "Angels, Victims & Love Songs"
Church Choir
Record Guitara Illuminata CD
Guitara Illuminata cover
4 Spring St
Gloucester MA
North Shore Conservatory & private students
Cape Cod Cummunity College
Bennington College, VT
Assumption College, Worcester
Baroque & Beyond Gloucester UU Church & Endicott College
Clear Away [play/dance]
N. Congregational Church, Beverly
Bucker Middle School, Wenham
Triton Regional, Byfield
New Years Rockport Eve
& Beverly First Night
Compose music [& arrange Bok/Stewart songs] for Clear Away
Modern Dance w/Carl Thomsen
Chair Social Justice, Gloucester UU Church
Church Choir

Lead RC

Moondance w/Carla
Buy CD "burner"
Put out We were all poets [After the Rain] & Dream Colors CDs
Record Voice of Creation CD

Record first Clear Away CD
Death of father
North Shore Conservatory & private students
Music for Pirates, Princes & Dancers Mass. College of Liberal Arts
Rhode Island College
Dowland Recitals w/sop Kristina Martin, Gloucester & Beverly
Essex Elementary School w/Carl
Rockport Middle School &
St. Mel's School w/Carl & Anna
New Years Rockport Eve

Complete and rearrange score to Clear Away: A Fisherman's Farewell

25 Dowland lute pieces

Modern Dance w/Carl Thomsen

Precinct Captain

Church Choir


Buy laser printer & scanner
Dialogue w/Gordon Bok
Record Clear Away: A Fisherman's Farewell CD

Open website at KSpace
Buy PowerMac
North Shore Conservatory & private students

Ipswich Elementary Schools, Beeman School and Triton Regional w/Carl & Anna

Dear Tom: A Tribute to T.S. Eliot [play/dance]

Clear Away: A Fisherman's Farewell Gloucester City Hall

New Years Rockport Eve

J.S. Plays Bach
Gloucester, Beverly, Hingham & Brookline

'Leven Annisquam Village Church [sing only]

Rockport Acoustic Music Festival

A Gift of Vision: The Life & Work of Fitz Hugh Lane [gtr w/vocal ensemble - libretto by Maryclaire Wellinger]
Modern Dance w/Carl Thomsen

Sermon at Gloucester & Rockport UU Churches: "Growing Up Male"
Church Choir
Record Hazel Mae Rotimi


Sermons [w/Carl Thomsen] at Gloucester UU Church: "Searching out the Root of the Problem" & "Holding Each Other's Dreams"

Gave mini-workshop at Hampshire College [30th anniversary celebration]: "Fulfilling our Spirit Purpose"

Open jeffrysteele.com

Record Semper Dowland CD
Semper Dowland CD cover

Produce Flame Without End compilation CD

(usurps Clear Away and Voice of Creation CDs)


North Shore Conservatory & private students

Pine Grove School, Rowley

'Leven Salem & Newburyport [sing only]

Marblehead School of Ballet

New Year's Rockport Eve

A Gift of Vision: The Life & Work of Fitz Hugh Lane
Fuller School Theater, Gloucester

El Espiritu Latino Bridgewater State College

Scenes from Gloucester Legends productions [Dancers Courageous Studio]

Rockport Acoustic Music Festival

Bach Violin Partita No. 2

Modern Dance w/Carl Thomsen

Christian Initiation class

Poll checker
Church Choir
Jury Service
Sermon at Gloucester UU Church for Epiphany

New guitar by Tom Knatt

 Marriage to Monica Cirrito

CD cover
From Dowland to Silvio
(usurps Semper Dowland and Voice of Creation CDs)

4 Spring St

1111R Washington St
Gloucester MA

North Shore Conservatory & private students
Play interludes for performance by Windhover Dancers
Rockport Art Association

Accompany Dawn Pratson dance performance
Dancers Courageous Studio

"Guitar Odyssey series"
Endicott College Chapel, Beverly & North Shore Art Assn, Gloucester MA

New Year's Rockport Eve: "Segovia in Paris"
Began Masters in Composition program at New England Conservatory, Boston
Malcolm Peyton, principal mentor

J. S. plays BACH
(new recording of Third Cello Suite usurps Voice of Creation one)
1111R Washington St
Gloucester MA
North Shore Conservatory & private students

Final Scene from [work in progress] "Flesh & Stone" performed with 10 dancers for graduating student composers' recital
Jordon Hall, Boston MA

Play in Pamela Marshall's "Through the Mist"
Just In Time Composers, Lexington & Brookline MA

"Guitar Odyssey"
Endicott College Chapel, Beverly

New Year's Rockport Eve: "Recuerdos Espa–oles"

"Guitar Odyssey"
St Paul Lutheran Church, Gloucester

Speech given at Rockport High School Awards Night

Music Minister for retreat of Boston Archdiocese, Gloucester