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Jeffry Hamilton Steele
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DreamColors CD cover

Dream Colors 
Relaxation Music for Synthesizers & Guitar

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1. Gold & Rose (7:22)
2. Solar Furnace (7:10)*
3. Reflections/Dance (7:00)
 [click for 1:30 (1.2 MB) MP3 excerpt]
4. Fairy Forest (21:13)
5. Soul Yearnings (15:04)
6. Forgiveness (5:39)

These pieces are intended to accompany meditation or provide a relaxing background to leisure or work activities. The CD has been used in a therapeutic context by a variety of practitioners. The music is simpler and more improvisatory than my other compositions -- the performances resulting from a meditative state. Aspiring more to spontaneity than to technical perfection, it is offered as a regenerative resource.

total time: 63:29
Jeffry Steele synthesizers & guitars
Recorded at Montague Music Studio, 1992-93
Turners Falls, MA


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1] Gold & Rose

Paying homage to Jimi Hendrix, this improvisation uses as its primary motif the opening riff from his song "One Rainy Wish" -- with the opening lyric "Gold and rose, the color of the dream I had..."

2] Solar Furnace

This is an earlier version of what became "Jacob's Dream" in Voice of Creation. Of the two, this one is probably better suited to meditation - the guitar track being sparser and simpler. The musical form could be described as an ostinato over a "ground".

3] Reflections/Dance

The piece restricts itself to a six-note scale that is neither major or minor, leaving a particular opening for the imagination.

4] Fairy Forest

This and the next piece are played entirely on synthesizers, making use of a Wind Controller for melodic expression.

5] Soul Yearnings

Over a low C, a watery texture and random voices in the Lydian mode.

6] Forgiveness

Each pair of chords is meant to accompany a long inhale (making way for the new) and exhale (letting go of the old).

Guitars played: Frank Hasselbacher (classical) & Gibson Les Paul (electric). Synthesizers by Korg, Yamaha and Oberheim. Casio wind controller.
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