"I recently received your highly-anticipated CD Semper Dowland (as well as the sheet music). I just wanted to let you know that it is everything I could have hoped for. Your playing is really good -- it is obvious that you care about the music -- and the recording quality is exactly the way I like it. The same pieces which (in my opinion) are lifeless or trivial on the lute recordings I've heard, become really deep and beautiful on the guitar. Also, the production quality of your CD in general is high. Thanks!"

-- Tyler Arnold, California (USA)

Jeffry Hamilton Steele
Prism Recordings (CD albums $15 each, MP3 versions $5-7.50 each)
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J. S. plays BACH (2001)

Solo guitar arrangements of two contrasting J. S. Bach works
The Third Cello Suite & The Second Violin Partita

Flame without End (2000)

Original pieces & songs ranging from Meditations to Maritime ballads

Semper Dowland CD cover

From Dowland to Silvio (2000)

Guitar arrangements of music by Dowland, Bach, Chopin, Stravinsky, Guardabarranco & Rodriguez
Guitara Illuminata cover

Guitara Illuminata (1997)

The Music of Josquin des Préz (c.1440-1521)
Dream Colors cover

Dream Colors (1993)

Relaxation Music for Guitars & Synthesizers
we were all poets. . . cover

We were all poets... (1992)

Music for Classical & Electric Guitars with Synthesizers

*"Very few people have the temperament for Chopin, even if they can manage it techincally. You have that temperament. When I listen to you play those two pieces, it's pure romantic ecstasy."

-- Glen Peterson, Massachusetts (USA)

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