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STEELE: Voice of Creation (includes 4 pieces below, cover & introductory notes)
CD recording
Stream at Sunrise (DADGAD tuning) STREAMING MP3 (via, VBR MP3.
Samba de dos Niņos (STREAMING MP3 via
Jacob's Dream (requires delay effect & synth accompaniment -- CD comes with printed edition)
MP3, RealAudio

& Sunset Reverie

includes MP3 download of synth accompaniment
"Enlightenment" from Gift of Vision (version for guitar solo) Audio to guitar/voices version
The Clear Away Songbook from Clear Away: A Fisherman's Farewell [AUDIO EXCERPTS/CD recording]
27 pp.
Clear Away: A Fisherman's Farewell [AUDIO EXCERPTS/CD recording]
71 pp.
Gift of Vision (based on the life and work of Fitz Hugh Lane - libretto by Maryclaire Wellinger) AUDIO EXCERPT
99 pp.

This is an assemblage of pieces composed (and re-composed) over a 13-year period, having a meditative quality in common. The first uses a D suspended-fourth tuning. The second brings the phrygian mode to Bossa Nova; titled Samba of Two Children, it originally had words in which neighborhood children are asking me to take them special places. Late afternoon shafts of light descend from the clouds for Jacob's Dream: "in which he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descend-ing on it." (Genesis, 28:12) The synthesizer accompaniment could be described as "an ostinato over a ground" and is intended to induce a hypnotic state. A CD of the synthesizer accompaniment (enclosed in back pocket in the printed version or an MP3 file in download version) is required to perform this movement. The long reverberation in Sunset Reverie implies the vast space between the viewer and the sun as it sets on the ocean horizon. Guitarists wishing to perform this work may contact the composer for specific data on the effects settings. An alternative would be to buy the CD and emulate what you hear. The composer performs this work using a Hard Disk Recorder to provide both the accompaniment and the live guitar effects.