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Arrangements/Compositions for 6-string guitar

These original arrangements and compositions are free to the interested visitor. In the name of online collegiality I now offer all my intellectual property gratis.

Click on each title for a .pdf download. Certain collections list their contents underneath for individual download, but only the name of the collection needs to be clicked for all its contents to be downloaded. As I prepare pieces for performance I inevitably add refinements, so check for updates as marked.

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J.S. BACHFirst Cello Suite
J.S. BACHFugue from Violin Sonata No. 1

J.S. BACHFirst Lute Suite (complete)*
Arranging this Suite in A minor -- as opposed to the usual E minor -- restores the range of the original bass line and utilizes the guitar's upper register. Suggested ornamentation written out, using smaller noteheads.

J.S. BACH Prelude (First Lute Suite)
J.S. BACH Allemande (First Lute Suite)
J.S. BACH Courante (First Lute Suite)
J.S. BACH Sarabande (First Lute Suite)
J.S. BACH Bourree (First Lute Suite)
J.S. BACH Gigue (First Lute Suite)
J.S. BACH Second Violin Partita + 1* (Includes cover & introductory notes)
J.S. BACHAllemande (Second Violin Partita)
J.S. BACHCourante (Second Violin Partita)
J.S. BACHSarabande (Second Violin Partita)
J.S. BACHGigue (Second Violin Partita)
J.S. BACHChaconne (Second Violin Partita)
J.S. BACHAndante (Second Violin Sonata)
J.S. BACHThird Cello Suite + 1 (includes cover & introductory notes)
J.S. BACH Prelude (Third Cello Suite)
J.S. BACH Allemande (Third Cello Suite)
J.S. BACH Courante (Third Cello Suite)
J.S. BACH Sarabande (Third Cello Suite)
J.S. BACH Bourree I & II (Third Cello Suite)
J.S. BACH Gigue (Third Cello Suite)
Sarabande (Sixth Cello Suite)
FROM THE PIANO: Music originally for keyboard (includes cover & introductory notes)

J.S. BACH Prelude in C
STRAVINSKYAndantino (Les Cinq Doigts)
STRAVINSKYVivo (Les Cinq Doigts)
STRAVINSKYLento (Les Cinq Doigts)
STRAVINSKYAllegretto (Les Cinq Doigts)
STRAVINSKYModerato (Les Cinq Doigts)
STRAVINSKYPesante (Tempo di Tango) (Les Cinq Doigts)
STRAVINSKYLarghetto (Les Cinq Doigts)
STRAVINSKYAllegro (Tempo di Marcia) (Les Cinq Doigts)
Girl with the Flaxen Hair

CHOPINPrelude No. 4 (for guitars with 19 frets)
CHOPINPrelude No. 4[c]* (for guitars with 20 frets)

CHOPINPrelude No. 15*
SIN PALABRAS: Music originally for voice (includes cover & introductory notes)

J.S. BACH "Passion" Chorale
ENGLANDAgnus Dei 1310
YOSEF HADAR Erev Shel Shoshanim
SILVIO RODRIGUEZUnicornio/Rabo de Nube
SALVADOR CARDENAL B.Para Amarnos con el Mundo
Mille Regretz
Wotan's Farewell

DOWLAND Semper Dowland (all 25 pieces-includes cover & introductory notes)
Many of these offer an alternative to simply tuning [3] to F# and fingering as shown in the lute tablature. They were arranged in the days before carbon third strings made [3]-F# more palatable for me. In fact, as you peruse my other arrangements you will note [3]-F# utilized in music from other periods.

DOWLANDMrs. Clifton's Almain
DOWLANDJohn Dowland's Galliard
DOWLANDPiper's Pavane
DOWLANDThe Shoemaker's Wife, A Toy
DOWLANDCaptain Digorie Piper's Galliard
DOWLANDSemper Dowland Semper Dolens
DOWLANDA Galliard (on "Walsingham")
DOWLANDLady Hunsdon's Puffe
DOWLANDGalliard to Lachrimae
DOWLANDMelancholy Galliard
DOWLANDA Galliard (on a galliard by Daniel Bacheler)
DOWLANDA Fancy (#6)
DOWLANDMrs. Vaux's Galliard
DOWLANDMrs. Vaux's Jig
DOWLANDForlorn Hope Fancy
DOWLANDThe Right Honorable The Lady Clifton's Spirit
DOWLANDA Fancy (#7)
DOWLANDThe Right Honorable Robert, Earle of Essex, His Galliard
DOWLANDWeep You No More, Sad Fountains
DOWLANDFarewell (an "In Nomine")
DOWLANDMr. Knight's Galliard
DOWLANDTarlton's Jig
STEELE Voice of Creation (includes cover & introductory notes) MORE INFO
STEELEStream at Sunrise (DADGAD tuning) (Voice of Creation)
STEELESamba de dos Niņos* (Voice of Creation)

Jacob's Dream & Sunset Reverie (requires delay effect & synth accompaniment)

STEELE"Enlightenment" from Gift of Vision (version for guitar solo) Audio to guitar/voices version
Pavana Herķica*
This piece was originally named for a hero of mine, but then I re-named it generically. Rather than solely represent heroes from the past, therefore, it is about summoning the hero within each of us to face the task of saving this planet and its peoples. Although I now perform it on 8-string, it remains a viable 6-string piece. Last update: 7/29/19

Samba for Anthony*

Rondo Arbolado*

White Light
This along with selected other original guitar solos were composed with signal processing in mind—in this case, the Spectral Tracing plug-in available for free from The guitar should have an audio pickup installed which is then connected to a computer via a USB audio interface. The plug-in is utilized through a software plug-in host. I use Apple Mainstage, but there are other possibilities for those not on a Mac. The score shows the plug-in settings. Where I've marked "Spectral Tracing OFF" I am using an expression pedal programmed to control effect send, with the result being the effect faded rather than silenced.

A Time for Us


How Insensitive

*also available arranged for 8-string guitar